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Leading the world in plasma technology research and development

Our Vision

To be a world leader in market-driven innovation and engineering for industrial applications of plasma.


Greener Life: Reducing environmental pollution and improving health and well-being

Optimized Results: Maximizing energy efficiency and economic benefits through Waste
to Energy revolution and advancement of materials

New-Concept Manufacturing: Flexible and customized project-based design and


Win-win: seek to share success in all our interactions with customers,  suppliers or colleagues

Collaborate: everyone will benefit if we share ideas

Care: provide help when we can

Openness: encourage participation and new ideas

Integrity: build trusted relationships by always doing what’s right

Dedication: apply ourselves to achieve results

Our Fields of Interest

Medical Waste Plasma Gasification System

Medical waste (MW) poses high risks of infection and injury to human health, particularly for the individuals exposed to the waste, so disposal is highly regulated. Gasification with thermal plasma is a promising, environmentally friendly solution for a growing problem.

Municipal Solid Waste

Municipal Solid Waste Treatment

Municipal solid waste (MSW) refers to byproducts generated during the urbanization of human society.

Advanced material

Advanced Material Research and Development

Advanced materials refer to both new materials created and existing materials modified to obtain superior performance in one or more characteristics that are critical for the application under consideration.

Innovational Plasma Technology

Innovational Plasma Technology

The application of plasma-based techniques is quite diverse.

Our Products and services

A clean solution for medical waste disposal.

Aplas provides healthcare facilities (hospitals, medical waste disposal centres) and other medical waste producers with environmentally friendly waste treatment, while achieving the energy and resource recovery for their needs. A pilot-scale facility (with capacity of 3 tons of MW per day) is already running by China
Tianying Inc. in Nantong, China. Meanwhile, a larger capacity commercial demonstration plant
in Tongzhouwan, Nantong, China is in design and will be commissioned in Q4 2017.

A compact and easy-to-transfer system for the treatment of solid waste.

Aplas provides small communities, industry and other sectors a cost-effective, environmentally friendly solution to dispose of small quantities of solid waste. It is a compact and light-weight, portable plasma-gasification unit. The disposal unit is light-weight and easy to move to the users to treat the waste locally after a quick assembly, avoiding the transportation of the collected waste to alternative treatment. It is an easy-to-operate, highly reliable and robust system in which the integrated advanced plasma units eliminate the pollutants effectively, ensuring an extremely low emission while maintaining a low maintenance cost.

A plasma-based metallic powder production system.

Aplas is dedicated to developing plasma-based metallic powder technologies. Aplas provides solutions for producing and supplying high-quality and spherical Titanium and Titanium alloy powders for additive manufacturing and powder metallurgy as well as other 3D printing related industries. Plasma technologies are integrated in the process for producing highly spherical and high-density particles, which are highly desirable for additive manufacturing. Figure 1 shows an overview of the metal powder process.

A plasma melting system for treatment of fly ash

Through innovation, collaboration and partnerships, Aplas has developed a novel plasma-based melting technology that provides a solution for treating highly-concentrated solid pollutants, such as fly ash. Figure 1 displays the plasma ash melting process.

Our Facilities

Chinese Facilities

China TIANYING’s Plasma Application Laboratory (PAL) is a collaborative research lab for APLAS developed plasma technology demonstration and application. The Laboratory advances the coupled fields of waste treatment, advanced material, new energy and plasma physics research, and, with APLAS, is developing the scientific understanding and key innovations needed to realize enterprise strategy and social responsibilities.

Canadian Facilities

Aplas offices are in Ottawa, a hot-bed of research and development with 1800 high-tech companies and two comprehensive universities.

Aplas is establishing a Plasma Technology Research Facility in Ottawa, Ontario. The purpose of the facility is to enable Aplas’ vision of being a world leader in market-driven innovation and engineering design for industrial applications of plasma.

The 10,000 ft2 research space will house equipment and supporting analytical laboratories for research into plasma torch development and refinement, powder manufacturing for 3D printing and novel applications of plasma that can be introduced into the market.

A 3000ft2 interim research space will be commissioned in 2017 to start practical research and development while the permanent facility is built and fitted-out.


Aplas is the wholly-owned subsidiary of China TIANYING, an environmental
protection & new energy enterprise.

TIANYING’s Advantage:

Guaranteed continuous cash flow

Low cost manufacturing

Large potential market in China and worldwide through
Urbaser SA

GExperienced Chinese engineering support
and assistance

TIANYING’s mission is to meet the needs of society and make great contributions to the improvement of the environment through remarkable technology, high-quality products, a full range of service and continual innovations. TIANYING will do this by adhering to the spirit of enterprise and social responsibility with values of “high quality, fast rhythm, advanced technology, outstanding service”.

TIANYING designed, delivered and operates six MSW thermal treatment plants in China and has another six in construction or design. While doing so, TIANYING demonstrated its innovative drive by obtaining 14 patents of invention and 239 patents for utility models. In addition, TIANYING manufactures and sells environmental protection equipment to the Chinese market.

In 2016, TIANYING collaborated with China Energy Conversation and Environmental Protection Group and others to purchase the Spanish waste management company Urbaser S.A. for $1.3 billion. In doing so, TIANYING is starting a new era as an international enterprise in the fields of environmental protection and new-energy generation.

Also in 2016, TIANYING established Aplas to develop new technology and engineering designs of plasma applications to support TIANYING’s growth in the fields of solid waste treatment, waste-water treatment, energy generation and the manufacture and supply of related equipment and facilities. TIANYING is looking to Aplas to become a world-class centre of innovation in plasma-related technologies.

Come and work with Aplas

Our people are the most valuable asset and we are dedicated to creating a culture to deliver the value so that we can develop the most innovative and effective technology.

We are also committed to making a positive team environment to maximize our people’s contribution to Aplas. With global expansion, we are offering a bright career path to employees and meanwhile providing great opportunities to work for us.

What our employees say…

What I like the most is Aplas’ working environment, which gives me the chance to contribute my experience and skills gained from many years of working in technological and industrial fields.”

Senior Mechanical Engineer, Alan D.

Aplas is a great place to fulfill your dream of working in plasma technology, engineering design, and environmental protection. I believe that with a group of technical experts focusing on advanced technology development, Aplas can take and fly.

Personally I am amazed by what we have already accomplished in the past six months in the medical waste project.”

Process Design Manager, Liang Z.

Aplas is currently recruiting the following positions.

To apply, please refer to specific instructions within the job description.

Process Manager

Process Engineer

Research Associate

Mechanical/Material Engineer

Mechanical Designer/Drafter

Electrical Engineer

I&C Engineer R1
Mechanical Designer
Mechanical Team Leader
Plasma Engineer


Office Manager

In the News

On October 23rd, 2016, Aplas’ General Manager, Mr. Qinglin Zhang, signed a contract with Nantong Tianlan Environmental &Energetic Equipment Co., Ltd., to collaboratively develop plasma-based technologies in the fields of waste management, environmental protection, and additive manufacturing.

Nantong Tianlan is a high-tech company that provides solutions for waste incineration for power generation, as well as turnkey process equipment packages from design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, operation to handing over. In recent years, Nantong Tianlan has expanded its fields of interest to include plasma applications. The partnership between Aplas and Nantong Tianlan will be a strong stimulus to plasma technology research and development.

From October 4th to 6th, 2016 Aplas’ General Manager, Mr. Qinglin Zhang, attended the 35th International Conference on Thermal Treatment Technologies & Hazardous Waste Combustors in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. At the conference, Mr. Zhang delivered a presentation on “Performance Analysis of Aplas Medical Waste Plasma Gasification Process”, and exchanged ideas and information on plasma technologies in waste management innovations with other experts present.

In October 2016, China TIANYING and Aplas began work together on the construction of a test centre for plasma technologies in Hai’An, China. The Test Centre has 2,500 sq. m of space, and will cover a wide range of industrial applications, including medical waste and hazardous waste gasification, fly ash vitrification, additive manufacturing, and petrochemical operations. According to the intended schedule, the Centre will complete first-stage construction and commence operation in March 2017.

On August 20-30, 2016, Aplas’ General Manager, Mr. Qinglin Zhang, attended the 9th International Conference on Combustion, Incineration/Pyrolysis, Emission and Climate Change (CIPEC) in Kyoto, Japan. The Conference was organized by the Agency of Health, Safety, and Environment, the Graduate School of Global Environment Studies & the Graduate School of Engineering of Kyoto University, the Society of Material Cycles and Waste Management (JSMCWM), and the Korea Society of Waste Management (KSWM). At the conference, Mr. Zhang delivered a presentation on “Economic and Environmental Analysis of Aplas Medical Waste Plasma Gasification Process”, and exchanged ideas and information on plasma technologies in medical waste and hazardous waste with other experts present.

On August 1st, 2016, Aplas moved in to its current office location at 359 Terry Fox Drive, Suite 210 in Kanata, Ontario. Kanata is one of the top high-tech cities in Canada, home to many industry leaders such as Siemens, IBM, Amazon, Cisco, and Huawei, etc. Aplas is superbly located in the centre of the high-tech community of Kanata North with convenient proximity to Highway 417. The new office occupies around 3,300 sq. ft., with a boardroom, a printing room, a pantry, and a reception area. It can accommodate up to 30 employees.

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